Shiba Tsuzaki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Shiba,
Shiba Tsamaru 
Titles: Phoenix Clan Champion

Shiba Tsuzaki was the son of Shiba and Shiba Tsamaru.

Following his father Edit

Tsuzaki vanished from Shiro Shiba shortly after his father entered the Shadowlands, telling his family that his father was 'calling' him. [1]

After the first Day of Thunder, when Shiba died defending Shinsei and Shosuro, Tsuzaki was witness to his father's final battle. He saw Shiba slay the First Oni, and he saw the mortal blow the oni landed upon Shiba as well.

As Shiba lay dying, he lamented to Shinsei that he would be unable to fulfill his promise to his wife, that he would always return to protect his children. Shinsei said told Shiba to find a way. [2]

Phoenix Clan Champion Edit

In the year 43 [3] Tsuzaki swore to keep his father's promises, took up Shiba's sword, Ofushikai, and with it took up the essence of his father as well. This began the transfer of the Soul of Shiba from one Phoenix Clan Champion to the next. [2]

Path of Man Edit

Asako was visited by Tsuzaki, but his voice had Shiba's wisdom. Tsuzaki passed him a gift that mortal man must know and charged with the choice of its human guardian, the Path of Man, [4] a way to find immortality for mortal men.


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