Shiba Toriiko 
Born: 802 
Died: 827 
Titles: Phoenix Clan Champion

Shiba Toriiko was a Phoenix Clan Champion, famous for her extreme pacifism.

Aunt Edit

When she was a child, Toriiko's aunt was called upon to be the Oracle of Air. The child asked her aunt for a trick, not realising what an Oracle could do. The Aunt looked into the future and saw Toriiko's fate, but was pleased by Toriiko's responses to her riddle. [1]

Training Edit

Toriiko, a fervent follower of Bushido, was trained as a yojimbo. She was a skilled duelist who showed compassion to both her enemies and her friends and allies. [2]

Phoenix Clan Champion Edit

After the Return of the Ki-Rin in the year 815 a significant number of small battles took place between the Great Clans. During one such encounter, the Lion forces led by Matsu Turun ambushed and killed the Phoenix Clan Champion and his family as they were traveling to Otosan Uchi. Toriiko refused to mount a counteroffensive, and she even invited Turun to the funeral of her predecessor, who refused. In the year 821 her yojimbo Shiba Sodona was granted the Sodona vassal family, which was charged with the defense of the Shiba to prevent such tragedies from occurring again. [3]

Death Edit

Toriiko intervened in a Crane-Lion conflict in 827. The Phoenix forces interposed themselves between the two but did not offer any resistance as they were butchered. Confused, the Lion and Crane withdrew and the leaders of the Crane army Kakita Gosano approached the remaining Phoenix led by Toriiko. Despite her superior dueling skills, she refused to draw her blade or even to flinch when Gosano challenged her, then cut her down. The battle became known as the Battle of the Broken Daisho. [4] [5]

Shiryo Edit

Toriiko became a shiryo after his death. [6] The Phoenix celebrate Toriiko's sacrifice on the 4th day of the Horse. On that day during the first month of summer, each temple in the Phoenix provinces performed a ceremony dedicated to her memory. Under no circumstances would the Shiba or Isawa engage in battle during that day. [7]

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Preceded by:
Phoenix Clan Champion
821 - 827
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