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Shiba Tatsune 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Bayushi Naname 
Titles: Phoenix Clan Champion

Shiba Tatsune was the handsome, arrogant son of the Phoenix Clan Champion. Tatsune fell in love with a Scorpion maiden named Bayushi Naname. Unmoved by his son's feelings, Tatsune's father refused to allow them to marry. Naname was crushed, and her sisters exacted revenge upon Tatsune's father. [1]

Phoenix Clan Champion Edit

Naname's two younger sisters enacted revenge upon Tatsune's father. Disguised as geisha, one of them seduced the daimyo while the other seduced his karo. Within a short time they had the two men at each others' throats, while their provinces fell into disorder and a Lion army invaded, with all the castle's secrets exposed by the sister to their enemies. [1] The daimyo had been manipulated into a position where he was forced to allow the two to marry, and then commit seppuku. [2]

Preceded by:
Tatsune's Father
Phoenix Clan Champion
? - ?
Succeeded by:


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