Shiba Tejina

Shiba Tejina

The Shiba Illusionists, also known as the Shiba Tejina, [1] used a unique blend of magic and artistry. They were masters of illusory magic and were known for works that often surpassed even those of the Kakita Artisans in beauty, if not in duration. It was founded in the 10th century by the shugenja Shiba Tsuna. [2]

Detractors Edit

Some said the use of the kami for entertainment was disrespectful of their power. In the beginnings of the fledging school the Inquisitor Asako Bokkai claimed the Tejina of maho, accusations which were quickly forgotten when the Crab Clan Champion Hida Namika cut Bokkai down because he had perverted his position. The Tejina still had a number of detractors who wondered whether their magic was truly respectful. [2]

Tradition Edit

The Shiba Tejina academy was a small school, with only a dozen or so students at any time. Those who learned from them must be invited, and the master of the Academy always kept the troupe small. The Tejina function as entertainers, with common performances at Shiro Shiba and Kyuden Asako. [3] Tejina tended to be good-natured, friendly, and very energetic. Their greatest love in life was bringing joy to others. [4]

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