Shiba Burisagi 
Shiba Burisagi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1113 
Titles: Phoenix Clan Champion

Shiba Burisagi was the Phoenix Clan Champion.

Family Edit

Burisagi had a nephew, Shiba Katsuda. [1]

Confronting Kachiko Edit

In 1113 [2] Burisagi approached in the shadows of a rainy night to Shosuro Kachiko, accusing her of being a manipulative woman, the mastermind that destroyed the peace of the winter court at Kyuden Seppun. This behaviour was strange, to meet a solitary woman was compromising his honor, and doing it with a katana unsheated was even more bizarre, not proper of a samurai of his station. Kachiko capitalized on this encounter, ripping her own kimono and injuring herself, before screaming for help, framing Burisagi. They were seen by the Emperor and the Doji Daimyo, being Kachiko lay upon the grass, her torn kimono sullied by stains and mud. Sobbing, she pointed one finger at the Phoenix. [3]

Death Edit

Burisagi was executed on the spot by Doji Hoturi at the behest of Hantei XXXVIII for attempting to force himself upon then-Shosuro Kachiko. [4]


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Preceded by:
Phoenix Clan Champion
? - 1113
Succeeded by:
Shiba Ujimitsu

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