Shawn Carman is the lead writer on the Legend of the Five Rings Story Team. He has also worked on several of the RPG books.

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  • Name: Jeremy Shawn Carman
  • Birth: May 7, 1974 [1]
  • Position: Lead Writer for the Legend of the Five Rings Brand

History Edit

I purchased the first edition of the L5R RPG on the Day of Thunder at GenCon (I wondered what all the shouting was about at the time!) in 1997. I got my first job working on the RPG in 1999, with a small part in Way of the Minor Clans. That led to further assignments on Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita and pretty much every RPG release since then. In 2001 my friend Rich Wulf asked me to join the Story Team, as he had just been promoted to lead writer. When he stepped down at the end of 2005, I was asked to replace him and, after some consideration, eventually accepted. You poor bastards have been stuck with me ever since.([2])

Duties Edit

As Lead Writer, I make the majority of decisions regarding the overall storyline. I work closely with the Brand Manager and AEG President when doing this, and of course I consult with my writers at every opportunity to make sure that this is a story we are all telling, not just me. I also work on the RPG, writing most of the outlines and contributing a good chunk of words on every book. I make the schedule for what fictions are released, and who writes what, and I usually indulge my obsessive-compulsive nature and make a few final edits on any particular fiction before sending it on to Todd for the website. I also try to keep an eye on as many fan forums as possible, so I can better understand what the fans want to see in the storyline, and then I do the opposite! Aahahaha! No, just kidding, seriously I just enjoy browsing the forums.([3])

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Statistics Edit

  • Fictions: (does not include all his fictions)
Samurai - 27
Lotus - 61
Dawn - 1
Diamond - 3
Gold - 5

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  • Kyuden Ashinagabachi - [100] (Presumably years since last update.)

Preceded by:
Rich Wulf
L5R Writer
2001 - 2005
Succeeded by:
Nancy Sauer, Rusty Priske, Brian Yoon
Preceded by:
Rich Wulf
Head L5R Writer
2005 - Present
Succeeded by:

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