Shattering of the Jewel 
Shattering of the Jewel
Location: Medinaat al-Salaam
Date: 1132
Major Forces: Erba'a Alliance,
Celestial Alliance
Generals: Aurelian,
Hanan Talibah
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Medinaat al-Salaam [1] happened in 1132 during the time of the Immortal Caliph's rulership, when the Erba'a Alliance besieged Medinaat al-Salaam to depose the Caliph to end her Khadi reign of terror. [2]

The Horde Edit

The Tar-Khan Kiyoshi had built a powerful Horde. He intented on storming Medinat al-Salaam to end the rule of the Caliph and her Senpet allies. [1]

Erba'a Alliance Edit

His forces were soon joined by the Yodotai and Ra'Shari. The Yodotai had already had preliminary clashes with the Senpet, with their Strategists slowly taking note of the Senpet's ways and tactics. The combined Horde (now known as the Erba'a Alliance), also swelled its ranks with many former slaves of the Senpet, now hell-bent on revenge, the Hanif and the Rokugani Scorpion, which had been freed by the intervention of the small prophet, the Hooded Ronin called Duqaq. [2]

Defenders Edit

Qabal attacks the Khadi

Qabal attacks the Khadi

The City Guards and the Ebonites prepared for the defence, while the Caliph requested to the Senpet their support against the assaulters. [3] Even before the enemy descended upon the city, the Qabal moved to the streets to attack the Khadi. [4]

Siege Edit

J'li'lu's Fire

J'li'lu's Fire

The Senpet were unable to stop the Horde from advancing on the city, where they set about laying siege to its walls. Inside, the Ebonites attempted to rally the people of the city into defense. But even their formidable skills of organisation proved ineffectual, as the Yodotai wheeled in catapults to pound the city walls. [2] Moto and Hanif controlled the catapults, and Yodotai commanded them. Well before dawn, the armies of Erba'a had pierced the outer defenses, and swept into the heart of the city. [5]

Breaking the Walls Edit

Assaulting the Jewel

Assaulting the Jewel

The Erba'a Alliance broke through the city walls, and open warfare erupted on the streets. [1] The Senpet faltered in the defense. The Moto and Hanif slaves attacked them remorselessly, and they were forced to back down from the struggle, leaving the Ebonites and Khadi to stand alone. [citation needed] Finally realizing the Caliph's betrayal, the Senpet Pharaoh Hensatti dispatched a Phalanx of guards to help end the Caliph's rule. [6] Attacked from all sides, the Caliph sent her elite guard into battle, [citation needed] but soon even they were also defeated. As the battles ended with the defeat of the Caliph and her henchmen, even the Senpet, Ivory Kingdoms Ruhmal worshippers, and city folk turned on the Khadi. [7] Her Khadi fair little better, particularly against the Ashalan Lammassar, who had collected three Khadi hearts in their Ivory Boxes, making him all but invulnerable to their powers. [8] The Ra'Shari, who had aided their allies with their knowledge of the city, at the same time they told the Ebonites the safest routes by which they could evacuate the city as both invaders and jinn had laid siege. [9]

Defeat of the Alliance Edit

After the last line of the Ebonite was routed at the Palace of Wonders, a lone man stepped out before the city gates and raised his arms to the sky. A lightning bolt struck the attackers, [10] quite possibly from Shilah, shattered the Erba'a army at the critical moment. [11] The bolt of fire which fell from the heavens had destroyed the bulk of the Yodotai army. [1] The Senpet and the rest of defenders recovered the field, with the help of the Celestial Alliance, [12] rejecting the invaders. It was the second time the Yodotai Empire had been defeated in its history. [1]

Caliph's death Edit

Shortly after the Erba'a Alliance was defeated Keseth learned he had the Heart. [13] A member of the Assassins, Adira, stormed the palace of the Caliph Hanan Talibah and defeated her with the aid of the Yufet Alliance, [14] after Keseth destroyed her Black Heart. [15]


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