The Severed Hand was a Crab courtier organization comprised entirely of Crab bushi who had been maimed or crippled tom remain at fight duty, and who lacked the skills to become sensei. These appointed courtier possessed enough patience to tolerate the shallowness and idiocy of the courts, making them useful again to the clan. [1] These grizzled veterans tended to view the courts as a mixture of deadly traps, pointless and puerile ritual, and stultifying boredom. [2]

Details Edit

The organization was created around since the time of the First Yasuki War, having no more than a hundred members at its peak, shortly after the fall of the Hiruma lands to the Shadowlands. The Severed Hand had no formalized dojo and acceptance into its ranks was at the discretion of the existing members. [1]

Known Technique Edit


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