Seth Mason was writer on the Legend of the Five Rings Dawn of the Empire promotional ccg set.

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Mason's Avatar

Mason's Avatar

  • Name: Gordon Shumway
  • Nickname: Sekkou
  • Age: born in 1980
  • Position: Writer for the Legend of the Five Rings Brand

History Edit

Seth Mason was the pen name of Gordon Shumway, under which he was best known as the author of the bestselling line of Oriental themed RPG books (Legend of the Five Rings). He also wrote under the names Kim Hosmer and Aaron Medwin. [1] He stepped down from L5R Story team in 2014. [2]

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Dawn of the Empire Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Fictions: 4 (does not include all his fictions)
  • Abbreviated Fictions: 3 / 4
  • Kills: 0
  • Unnamed Kills: 1
  • Total kills: 0
  • Kills per fiction: 0/4 = 0%
  • Most written for faction: Nezumi, Scorpion Clan, Unicorn Clan, Dragon Clan (1)
  • Least written for faction: n/a

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? - 2014
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