The Servants of Mercy, sometimes called the Order of Mercy instead, was one of the sects of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, devoted to Jizo, Fortune of Mercy. They were a radical pacifist off-shoot of the Order of Jurojin's Blessing. They treated the injured even on the battlefield regardless of clan, faction, social rank, or even species. They venerated Jizo, the Fortune of Mercy. [1]

Tradition[edit | edit source]

The most altruistic sect in Rokugan, followed a doctrine of contemplation and introspection, complemented by tending to the needs of nearby communities. The villages and towns with a nearby monasteries of the order were among the healthiest and best-maintained. [2]

Training[edit | edit source]

The monks were trained in healing arts, and spent the majority of their day outside the monastery in the service of others. Any natural disaster would draw Brothers of Mercy in large numbers. [2]

Known Technique[edit | edit source]


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