Seppun family
Organization: Imperial Families 
Founded: 5 
Daimyo: Seppun Nishiko 
"Follow the Emperor, and follow the Tao. In one, you will find the other." ([1])

The Seppun family was founded by Seppun, one of the first and closest followers of Hantei. Their Miharu and shugenja were trained and entrusted especially to guard the Emperor. Members of the Seppun family were found at all levels of the Imperial Bureaucracy.

Duties Edit

The Seppun family in modern Rokugan comprised the majority of the Emperor's personal guard. The family sponsored a guardsman and shugenja school, both of which tought techniques dedicated to protecting the Imperial line. [2]

The Seppun also maintained the Imperial Histories. These were not as detailed as the Ikoma Histories, but were rumored to contain insights into the Hantei line and Imperial history that did not appear elsewhere in the Empire.[citation needed]

Members of the Seppun family served the Empire in many roles, beyond serving as the personal guard of the Emperor, the Seppun served throughout the Imperial bureaucracy as clerks and agents keeping the machinery of Empire running smoothly. [3]

History Edit

Peasant and Fishermen Edit

Before the Dawn of the Empire the Tribe of Seppun were peasants and fishermen. [4]

Family founding Edit

Some time not long after the Fall of the Kami, the Seppun were attacked at Seppun Hill by the Tribe of Noriaki. The defense was successful, with the aid of Hantei and the Kami. The Noriaki were mostly destroyed or captured, but a small band of them escaped south into the Shadowlands. [4] In the year 5 the Seppun family was founded. [5]

Lady Seppun Edit

Lady Seppun was a holy woman in the tribal pre-kami society of Rokugan. The name "Seppun" was actually her title, which referred to the holiest of celestial servants. She witnessed the Fall of the Kami and was the first to swear her service to the Kami Hantei. [6]

Throughout the history of the Empire, many members of the Hantei family who were not in the direct line of succession took the Seppun name in order to completely remove their claims to the throne. [7] Because of this, the Seppun were closely related to both the Hantei family and the Crane Clan.[citation needed]

Politics Edit

Daimyo of the Seppun Edit

The Seppun monks carved a statue dedicated in the name of a daimyo on the day of their ascension. The statue was stationed within the Seppun gardens for the duration of his service. [8]

The following were the known daimyo of the Seppun family:

Seppun 5 - ?
Seppun Ryusuke (c. 407)
Daiori's elder brother  ? - 1115
Daiori's second brother 1115 - ?
Seppun Daiori  ? - 1123
Seppun Hotaitaka  ? - 1166
Seppun Kiharu 1166 - ?
Seppun Nishiko  ? - Present

Vassal Family Edit

At the Winter Court in Kyuden Otomo in 1168, the personal friendship between Seppun Kiharu and Yotsu Seou led to the Yotsu family being accepted as a vassal family to the Seppun. However, due to their past Imperial service the Yotsu had been allow to keep their own family name and had been given the singular honor of wearing both the Yotsu and Seppun mons when serving the Imperial family. [9]

The following were the vassal families of the Seppun:

Within the Family Edit

Mon and Colors Edit

The Seppun mon consisted of the Imperial Chrysanthemum with two trailing branches of bamboo. The Seppun were the only group outside of the Imperial family itself that were allowed to use the Imperial Chrystanthemum, and then only as part of their family mon. There were no colors specifically associated with the Seppun family. [1]

Schools Edit

The following were the schools within the Seppun Family:

The bushi of the Seppun family were also welcome as students in the Sword of Yotsu dojo.[citation needed]

Lands Edit

Province Edit

The Seppun had their holdings in the Seppun province. [10]

Holdings Edit


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