Seppun Hill

Seppun Hill

Seppun Hill was the place where the Kami landed when they fell from Tengoku. The Tournament of the Kami also happened here. [1] Seppun Hill was a very sacred place to the original Hantei, to the point that he had his castle, and therefore the capital of Rokugan, Otosan Uchi, built near it.

Dawn of the Empire Edit

The Tribe of Noriaki attacked on Seppun Hill shortly after the Fall of the Kami. The attack against the Seppun was thwarted by the Kami. [2]

Appearance Edit

Seppun Hill 2

Seppun Hill in 1123

It was a small hill in the Chisei district of the Ekohikei, one of the inner districts within the Enchanted Wall. It remained the only parcel of land within the Wall to avoid construction. [3]

Stone of the Sun Edit

Nearby there was a small garden kept blooming all year by the Asahina family. In the middle of the garden was a small dark stone known as the Stone of the Sun and it was said to be the exact place where the children of Lady Sun first set foot upon the earth. [4]

Celestial Tournament Edit

In 1170 a new tournament was held to decide a new Emperor sponsored by the Celestial Heavens. [5]

Location of Seppun Hill

Location of Seppun Hill in Inner Otosan Uchi

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