Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Akagi 
Children: Hiro,
Un-named son,
Titles: Seppun family founder

Seppun was a holy woman in the tribal pre-kami society of Rokugan. The name "Seppun" was actually her title, which referred to the holiest of celestial servants. She witnessed the Fall of the Kami and was the first to swear her service to the Kami Hantei. [1]

Fall of the Kami Edit

The Tribe of Noriaki was warring the Tribe of Seppun, led by her husband Akagi. In a skirmish two of her sons died, including Hiro, her eldest. Shortly after eight stars fell to the Seppun Hill, while a ninth light struck the earth in the south. Seppun alongside with Akagi came to the hill top, and they were the first humans who ever met the Kami. [2]

Seppun family Edit

Her followers became known as the Seppun family, and had initially been peasants and fishermen at that time. [3] Her son Anzu was trained among the most renowned warriors, building a core of bushi techniques that would come to define the Imperial Guard. Seppun's youngest son, Kichi, set out to find the wisest holy men and shugenja, and the knowledge he gained became the basis of the Seppun Hidden Guard. [4]

Hantei's death Edit

Near the end of the War Against Fu Leng Hantei lay dying due to a poisoned strike he had suffered from an oni. Seppun and Otomo stayed at the Emperor's bedside until he finally died.[5]

Shinseism Edit

Seppun was the most dedicated to Shinseism. She sponsored the first temples of the Tao, and helped work with the Isawa to unify the two religions, bringing education and enlightenment to the nobility of the new Empire. [1]

Amaterasu Edit

Legends said that Lady Sun herself appeared to Seppun, and in the place was built the Shrine of Amaterasu. Seppun was gifted with a mirror, to remind the mortal world that the sun's light would never be far from their souls. [6]

After death Edit

Seppun was promised a place in the Celestial Heavens by Amaterasu herself, but it was believed that instead of taking her rightful place in Tengoku, she was unwilling to leave the side of the Imperial Line, and her spirit continued to serve the Emperor even after her death. [7]

Grave Edit

Her grave was located in the Ugiwa district, and it was considered haunted. The tomb was spared from the Imperial Edict which obliged to practice cremation. The ceiling depicted the first constellations and the walls depicted the sun, the moon and the Seven Fortunes, alongside their servants and earthly attendants. Something went wrong and Seppun's spirit did not ascend, her servitors waiting on the walls of the tomb while her ghost walked the grounds. One day, she would ascend and the walls of the mausoleum would be bare of Seppun's servants. [7]

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