Sentei no Oni

Sentei no Oni

Sentei no Oni, the Many-Legged Death, was an oni, one of the Shokansuru's Brood. [1]

Origin Edit

Sentei no Oni was forged from the power of Jigoku using the soul of Shokansuru's once time friend, yojimbo and fellow magistrate Shiba Sentei. After Iuchiban captured the City of the Lost Shokansuru fled out into the Shadowlands where he found the Forgotten Tomb of Fu Leng. There he could tap into the power of Jigoku directly, and began creating oni using the souls of his former allies. [2] [3]

Description Edit

Sentei no Oni 2

Sentei no Oni

Sentei no Oni resembled a giant insect with vague humanoid features. The body was segmented with hundreds of massive legs moving its even bigger body. It used its first four or five pairs of legs as arms, rearing up to grasp at it's enemies. [3]

Abilities Edit

Sentei no Oni was considered possibly the most dangerous of Shokansuru's creations, as it appeared to be impossible to destroy it. It had better regenerative powers than nearly every other creature in the Shadowlands, and even if it was believed to have been killed, a tiny portion surviving would mean the creature would return to life sooner or later. In battles the creature charged directly at it's enemies, attempting to trample them. Failing that it reared up and attempts to grapple them. [3]

Pale Oak Castle Edit

When in 1171 the yobanjin attacked Pale Oak Castle during the War of Dark Fire, the Onyx Champion Isawa Fosuta summoned Sentei no Oni to defend his mother's home. [4]

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