Seido and Reihaido were the Rokugani words for Shrine. [1]

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A shrine was a smaller building devoted to ancestors, the Fortunes, or both. It was typically attended only by a lone shugenja or a monk or two. Visitors came to offer prayers. They were quiet, serene, and easily accessible to any who wished access. [2] These shrines acted as a focus for the powers of the Fortunes, ancestors, or the Elements, as a place of rememberence, or places of meditation. [3]

Rokugani Shrines Edit

Adorai's Grave
Amaterasu Seido "Shrine of Lady Sun"
Akodo's Grave
Akodo's Shrine
Asahina Seido "Asahina Shrine"
Bells of the Dead
Benten Seido "Shrine to Benten"
Bishamon Seido "Shrine to Bishamon"
Bochi Seido "Graveyard of Shrines"
Cave of Thunder
Cha-no-yu Shrine "Tea Hut" in the Forbidden City
Chai Seido
Chugo Seido
Chugo Seido "Shrine of Duty"
Crane's Gift Shrine
Daidoji Hayaku's Shrine
Daikoku Seido "Daikoku and Yasuki Shrine"
Daikoku Seido "Shrine to Daikoku"
Deathseeker's Shrine
Earthquake Shrine
Emma-O Seido
Exile's Shrine
Feathered Shrine
Fukurokujin Seido "Shrine to Fukurokujin"
Fuyari's Shrine
Gates of Persistence
Gi Seido "Shrine of Honesty and Justice"
Giji Seido "Giji Shrine"
Harike Seido "Kuni Harike Temple", "Temple of Harike"
Hinanbasho sano Mitsu Shimai "Refuge of the Three Sisters", "Shrine to Lord Moon"
Hotei Seido "Shrine to Hotei"
Inari Seido
Isawa's Staircase
Iuchi's Mistake
Jin Seido "Shrine of Compassion"
Kaagi no Tamashii "Kaagi's Soul Shrine"
Kaimetsu-uo Seido "Shrine to Kaimetsu-uo"
Kisada's Shrine
Kokoro Nezuban Seido
Kuroshin Seido "Kuroshin's Shrine"
Lost Heaven Shrine
Maigosera Seido "Shrine of the Lost Sailors"
Makoto Seido "Shrine of Complete Sincerity"
Meiyo Seido "Shrine of Honor"
Nagiroko-To Shrine
Naseru's Shrine
Natsu-Togumara Shrine
Oshiro's Shrine
Otaku Seido "Shrine to Otaku"
Oyo Seido "Shrine to Asako Oyo"
Phoenix Blessing Shrine
Priests' Point
Rei Seido "Shrine of Polite Courtesy"
Reihado Beiden
Reihado Shiba no Kami "Shiba's Shrine"
Reihaido Hitomi "Shrine of the Moon"
Reihaido sano Ki-Rin "Shrine of the Ki-Rin"
Reihaido Shinsei "Crow Shrine"
Reihaido Uikku "Uikku Shrine", "Shrine of Uikku"
Ryoshun Seido "Ryoshun's Grave", "Ryoshun's Shrine"
The Scorpion Shrine in Zakyo Toshi
Seido Jurojin "Shrine to Jurojin"
Seido Kakita "Shrine to Kakita"
Seido Muzaka
Shiba's Shrine
Shinsei Seido "Shrine to Shinsei"
Shrine of Agasha Kasuga
Shrine of Agasha Kitsuki
Shrine of Amaterasu
Shrine of Bishamon's Gift
Shrine of Champions
Shrine of Discussion
Shrine of Evening Star
Shrine of Fallen Heroes Formerly known as "Akodo Arasou's Shrine"
Shrine of Fu Leng
Shrine of Heaven's Mirror
Shrine of Ikoma Tsanuri
Shrine of Osano-Wo
Shrine of Remembrance
Shrine of Reverse Fortunes "Shrine to Jotei", "Jotei Seido"
Shrine of Shosuro
Shrine of Tenno Heika
Shrine of the Ancients
Shrine of the Covenant
Shrine of the Emerald Champion
Shrine of the Eternal Dragon
Shrine of the First Five
Shrine of the Hantei
Shrine of the Harmonious Chime
Shrine of the Jade Sun
Shrine of the Path
Shrine of the Seven Thunders "Cavern of Thunder"
Shrine of the Shadow's Eye
Shrine of the Sun
Shrine of the Three Dynasties
Shrine of Yasuki Kiringu
Shrine to Agashiko
Shrine to Isawa Asahina
Shrine to Benten
Shrine to Daikoku in Clear Water Village
Shrine to Daikoku in Zakyo Toshi
Shrine to Ebisu
Shrine to Ebisu in Zakyo Toshi
Shrine to Hantei XXXVI
Shrine to Hantei's Ancestors
Shrine to Hofukushu
Shrine to Ikoma Kyube
Shrine to Jurojin
Shrine to Jurojin at Otosan Uchi
Shrine to Kobiru-Tadashiko
Shrine to Kuroshin at Chinsei Mori
Shrine to Kuroshin in the Tamori Gardens
Shrine to Lord Moon
Shrine to Mara
Shrine to Mirumoto
Shrine to Nimuro
Shrine to Osano-Wo
Shrine to Shinsei at the Lair
Shrine to Tenjin
Shrine to the Seven Fortunes
Shrine to Thunder
Shrine to Tsukune
Shrine to Uzume
Shrine to Yoritomo
Small Shrine to Bishamon
Sword Saint Shrine
Tamori Seido "Shrine to Agasha Tamori"
Togashi's Seat
Togashi's Shrine "Shrine of the Dragon Champion"
Toturi Seido
Toturi's Shrine
Touching a Miracle Shrine
Water Dragon Shrine
Wrath of the Kami Shrine
Yakamo Seido
Yokuni Seido
Yu Seido "Shrine of Heroic Courage"
Yuritogen's Grave
Zocho Shrine

Colonial Shrines Edit

Shrine to the Honored Fallen

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