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Secrets of the Mantis was the fourth source book of the second edition for the Mantis Clan in the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game. This edition includes the d10 L5R playing system alongside a d20 playing system (Similar to D&D).  

Credits Edit

  • Writting: Rich Wulf, Shawn Carman, Seth Mason, Travis Herrman, Aaron Medwin, Jed Carleton, Eric Steiger
  • Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Creative Director: Mark Jelfo
  • Art Director: Jim Pinto
  • Graphic Designer: Steve Hough
  • Cover Artist: Mathiew S. Armstrong
  • Interior Artist: Cris Dornaus
  • Cartographers: Cris Dornaus, Robert Lee
  • Typesetter: Steeve Hough
  • Chief of Operations: Maureen Yaties
  • Brand Manager: Raymond Lau
  • Production Manager: Mary Valles
  • Playtesters: Mikel Burns, Ryan Carman, Jacobe Callahan, Jed Carleton, Jacob Chearham, Andy Cowell, Robert Dake, Joel Parker Kinstle, Chris Lesinsky, Paul Meador, Dan Moenster, Christopher Osborn, Marc Quintard, Matthew Schenck, Sam Sheddan, Cynthia Steward, Louis Veal

Table of ContentsEdit


A Mantis Ship

Introduction (Page 4) Edit

  • Chasing the Storm (1)
  • How to Use This Book
  • Customs of the Mantis Clan
    • Birth
    • Gempukku
    • Courtship
    • Superstition
    • War
    • Retirement
    • Funeral
  • History of the Mantis Clan
  • New Mechanics
  • New Courtier Abilities
  • Complete Mantis Feat List

The Yoritomo (Page 13) Edit

  • Chasing the Storm (2)

The Yoritomo Provinces

Important NPCs

Vassals of the Yoritomo family

Yoritomo Mechanics

The Moshi (Page 33)Edit

Moshi Jukio 2

Grandmother Moshi Jukio

  • Chasing the Storm (3)

The Moshi Provinces

Important Moshi NPC's

Vassals of the Moshi family

Moshi Mechanics

The Tsuruchi (Page 51) Edit

  • Chasing the Storm (Part 4)

The Tsuruchi Provinces

Important Tsuruchi NPCs

Vassals of the Tsuruchi family

Tsuruchi Mechanics

The Badger and the Tortoise (Page 69) Edit

Ichiro Bushi 3

An Ichirom Bushi

  • Chasing the Storm (Part 5)

Badger and Tortoise Provinces

Important NPCs

Badger Mechanics

Tortoise Mechanics

Still Water Cove (Page 81) Edit

  • Still Water Cove
  • How to Use This Information
  • The Surrounding Seas
  • The Cove
  • The Caves
  • Still Water Cove Map

Behind the Veil (Page 89) Edit

  • Getting Away With It
  • Teeth of the Tiger
    • Greater Rakshasa
  • Blessings of the Sun
  • Settozai
  • News of the Empire

The Mantis Territory Map (Page 96) Edit

Mantis Clan Provinces

Mantis Clan Provinces

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