Second Lion-Phoenix War
Location: Phoenix lands
Date: (c. 401) - 408
Major Forces:
Generals: Matsu Itagi
Battles of Rokugan

The Second Lion-Phoenix War raged for many years in the 5th century, until it was ended when both parties sued for peace. Within the Honored Treaty City the peace treaty between the Lion and Phoenix was held. [1] [2]

Preambles Edit

Matsu Itagi harbored a particular desire to do battle with the Phoenix, due to his clan's defeat of his at the end of the First Lion-Phoenix War. After his elevation as the Lion Clan Champion in 401, he launched a long series of attacks on his neighboring clans, most notably the Phoenix. [3]

Cease Fire Edit

In 408 Itagi invaded the Phoenix lands and his superior forces was confronted by a small Phoenix unit led by Shiba Kaigen. They sacrificed to stop the Lion army at Kiken na Roka, the Treacherous Pass. In response, the Gozoku Leader Shiba Gaijushiko brought the full power of his alliance to bear on Itagi, forcing him to largely halt further aggression within the Empire. [4]

Known Casualties Edit


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