Sea of Shadows

Sea of Shadows

The Sea of Shadows was a region no sane man dared to venture. The seas of Rokugan were hazardous at the best of times; when combined with the foul touch of the Shadowlands they became an area of unimaginable danger. A man who fell overboard in a storm was almost certainly dead, or may as well be. The storms that blew over the black waves possessed a malevolent hunger. Creatures beyond description skulked beneath the water, constantly seeking living prey to torment and consume. Even the Mantis Clan, who claimed greater mastery of the sea than any other clan, did not challenge the Seas of Shadow.[citation needed]

Dark Oracle of Water Edit

The Dark Oracle of Water was believed to manifest itself in the Sea of Shadow. Survivors recounted the feeling of an ominous intelligence guiding and shaping the creatures and weather around them, as if toying with them before savoring their moment of destruction. [1]

Skull Gaki TideEdit

Sea of Shadows occurred when a bit of corruptive energy was washed out on the tides, carried into the greater body of the ocean. These areas usually did not persist long; most were dispersed by the greater purity of the sea. [2] A magical phenomenon in the Sea of Shadows was the Skull Tide, a myriad of cackling skulls attempting to devour any boat who crossed it. [3]

Osaku Route Edit

The Osaku Route was a current of uncorrupted ocean cutting through the Sea of Shadows. The route was controlled by the Crab Clan by order of the Emerald Champion. It was believed to have been created by Osano-Wo to protect a shrine that his son, Hida Kenzan erected in grief over his father's death. The shrine was home to the Tetsubo of Thunder until 1167, when it was removed by Yoritomo Rui and given to the Bat Clan. After Rui's visit it seemed that Osano-Wo began to widen the route in approval. [4]

Ship's fate Edit

During the years 664-666 the Rokugani ships lost at the Sea of Shadows were manned by Lost, goblins and even oni. They harassed the southern coast of the Empire, to hide their true target, Otosan Uchi. The ships were intercepted before they entered the Golden Sun Bay by the Mantis Clan Champion Tetsuken, who defeated the fleet at the cost of his own life. [5]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

Massive beasts rise from the Sea of Shadows

Massive beasts rise from the Sea of Shadows

After the First Seal was broken, the veils between Jigoku and Ningen-do began to thin. A surge of massive beasts in the Sea of Shadows forced the Mantis to be placed on the defensive. [6] The Sea of Shadows expanded and the creatures from it threatened the Mantis Islands. [7] Several Mantis forces sailed to fight the new menace, [8] such as the Umikaiju. [9]

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Sea of Shadows


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