Scorpion Claws were a secretive Elite unit of the Scorpion Clan, forming the Fourty-eight Crimson Legion. [1] The Scorpion's Claws disregarded the concept of honor on the battlefield in favor of efficiency. [2]

Deadly Fighters Edit

The Scorpion Claws were a closely kept secret, and one only utilized in large-scale warfare, so that the carnage of battle would conceal the truth behind their methods. The Scorpion Claws were extensively trained in the use of the sai which in the hands of the Claws they were deadly weapons. [3]

Poisoned weapons Edit

The Claws were masters in the brewing, handling, and application of a large number of poisonous compounds. These compounds were applied to their weapons, ensuring a staggering mortality rate among those they faced on the battlefield. The poisons were chosen for their rapid effect, as the Scorpion could not afford to have those with minor wounds dying after the battle was over without being presented with a great deal of unpleasant questions. [3]

Tactics Edit

The Scorpion Claws were typically only deployed against high priority targets, either units or individuals that needed to be completely eliminated from the battlefield in order to ensure a Scorpion victory. They were often given heavy cover during deployment, either through heavy infantry or even cavalry, in order to ensure they reached their objective with minimal attrition. [3]

Known Technique Edit

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