Samui Kaze Toshi

Samui Kaze Toshi (CN9)

Cold Wind City (CN9) in the Gyousha province [1] was named for the cold winds that swept down from the nearby mountains. The city itself was a vital trading port for the Crane Clan, as making it across Seikitsu Mountains on foot was slow, and a lot of trading in this area was therefore done by ship. Those travelling south would often booked passage on a ship travelling down to Mura Sabishii Toshi. [2] [3]

Trading City Edit

Originally built as a midpoint for naval trade between northern and southern Crane cities, Samui Kaze became invaluable as nearly all trade between the Empire's southern and northern coasts must stop at the port city, Cold Wind Port. The Kakita lords there maintained positions of great wealth in power due to the commerce that moved through the city. [4]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 during the Blood Hunt Tsuruchi Okame disembarked in the Earthquake Fish Bay to join the Ninth Imperial Legion under the command of Yoritomo Egumi. [5] They attacked a cultist cell in Samui Kaze Toshi in the aftermath of the death of Iuchiban. [6]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

In 1200 the Second Seal was destroyed near the city, during the Battle of the Second Seal. The village had been evacuated shortly before. [7] After the Third Seal was destroyed the Mantis Islands were overrun by Shadowlands creatures. Mantis samurai gathered to make a suicidal attempt to recover their homeland, while many Rokugani were evacuated to the Colonies. [8]

Notable Locations Edit


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