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Beseech Sakkaku

Beseech Sakkaku

Sakkaku was the Realm of Mischief. It was home to many creatures which were often mislabeled as evil. Its inhabitants were not truly evil, merely mischievous. These spirits did enjoy traveling to Ningen-do and causing trouble for that Realm's inhabitants, but their motivation was neither malice nor wrath, merely trickery. [1]


The realm itself reflected the chaos of its inhabitants. The landscape followed no rhyme or reason and did not seem to follow the laws of physics. Outsiders were instantly confused by an upside-down land where nothing seemed to make sense. [2]

Connection to other Realms[]

Ningen-do, Chikushudo, Jigoku, and Yume-do were close to Sakkaku, and visited by them. However only mujina went to Jigoku. Tengoku, Meido, and Yomi were far from this Spirit Realm. There was a cave in the Twilight Mountains that led directly to Sakkaku, the place from where mujina plagued Crab lands. [3]

Jealousy of the Realm[]

Those who had been in Sakkaku and returned back to the mortal world, were affected by chame, losing his self-restraint. It led to and odd behaviour for a samurai. More seriously was fuzen, which made the humans malicious and dangerous. It was also a side-effect of the time spent by the human in the Realm of Mischief. [4]

Sakkaku and the Taint[]

Though the realm of Sakkaku was closely linked to Jigoku, most inhabitants seemed immune to the Taint. However some Pekkle had indeed fallen to the taint. Inhabitants of Jigoku were violently disposed toward tricksters, and exterminated them whenever possible. [5] It was also known that Lost Orochi swam the Sea of Shadows. [6]


This is the list of known inhabitants of Sakkaku: [7]


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