The Sacred Seals were three magical seals that maintained the barrier between Ningen-do and Jigoku, and they were hidden from mankind's knowledge for more than one thousand years. [1]

Origins Edit

The Seals predated the Emerald Empire and were created by the Five Races. They served to push the world away from Jigoku, the Realm of evil, and to limit its influence. But in so doing, they created an imbalance between the realms that results in spiritual struggles. This was why the influence of the realms waxed and waned. [2]

Destruction of the Seals Edit

In 1200 the first of three ancient seals, crafted by the will of the Lady Sun, had been found. Deep within the Shinomen Mori, the vast army of the Spider Clan descended upon its unprepared and outnumbered defenders [5] during the Battle of the First Seal. [6] The barrier grew thinner with each passing day, and should all three seals fall, the wall between the worlds might fall altogether. [1] When the First Seal was destroyed, the veil that protected the Second and Third Seals was weakened. [3] The Sea of Shadows expanded and the creatures from it threatened the Mantis Islands. The Second Seal was destroyed by Chuda Tairao in the Battle of the Second Seal. [4] The Thirds Seal was destroyed in the Battle of the Third Seal, being the Mantis Islands overrun by the hordes of Jigoku. [2]


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