Ryujin, sometimes known as the King of the Sea, was an orochi king made of coral. [1]

Realm of Tricksters Edit

While the Orochi sought little more than contemplation, their fellow inhabitants the malicious mujina, took endless glee in disturbing them with capricious practical jokes. When Ningen-do was created, the Orochi waited for a long time, expecting it was another Mujina trick. They observed the Ningyo race, watching how the City of Night fell and the Ningyo were devolved to a feral state. As the mortal world fell into ruin and the scattered survivors began to hunt the Ningyo for their immortality, the Orochi determined the time had come to act. [2]

Ningyo Alliance Edit

Ryujin entered into an alliance with the Ningyo race. In return for the Ningyo freeing the Orochi from Sakkaku, the realm of trickery, and allowing the Orochi to live in their cities the Orochi swore to protect the Ningyo eternally.

Ryujin had noticed that ningyo appeared to be immortal. Ryujin himself was already immortal and so had no need or desire to betray his friends. Ryujin knew that when it was eventually discovered by other races that consuming ningyo flesh would give one immortality that the race would be hunted to extinction. Ryujin decided, then, to place a curse on the Ningyo to repel any who would dare slaughter his allies. [3]

Borders Sealed Edit

The Mujina had also observed Orochi's interest for Ningen-do, and realized their favorite victims were planning an escape. The tricksters used their magic to seal the borders between Ningen-do and Sakkaku. Only Ryujin and a handful of his fellow Orochi escaped. [4]

Resting Place Edit

The Crab believed Ryujin rested in the Earthquake Fish Bay, and they threw scraps of coral into the sea during any expedition passing the bay, to show respect for Ryujin and his kingdom, insuring calm weather during the journey. [1]

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
The Legend of White Shore Lake claims Ryujin as Orochi king (it means, an Orochi creature), and Creatures of Rokugan p. 59 claims him as Ningyo king (it means, a Ningyo creature)


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