Ryoshun Seido

Ryoshun Seido

Ryoshun's Grave was a shrine built in a lost valley in the Northern Wall Mountains in honor of Ryoshun, the Tenth Kami.

Forgotten Edit

His brother Hantei commanded that Ryoshun's name be forgotten, so no mortal would sully his brother's name. He also commanded that only gods could enter the tomb [1] until the Tenth Kami walked the earth once more. [2]

Discovery Edit

The grave site was located by Scorpion scouts while probing at the newly formed Empire's borders. It hummed with mystical energy, and it could prove to be a devastating weapon if the Shadowlands ever discovered it. A tournament to found a new Minor Clan was held, and Hantei Genji granted the lands around the shrine. The Badger Clan was eventually founded, and the clan was secretly tasked with guarding the grave of the tenth kami. Shiro Ichiro was built directly on top of the tomb. [3] Hidden beneath the daimyo's chambers was a secret passage which led into the heart of the nearby mountainside, where a large crater sat in the center of a hollowed-out cave, where the Tenth Kami fell from the skies. [4]

Hideo no Oni Edit

The shrine was used as a lair by Hideo no Oni. In 1166 the Keepers of the Books of Enlightenment and Ichiro warriors led by Ichiro Ryozan cornered and killed the Oni. Asahina Hira deciphered a kanji with the language of the Kami, and recognized the shrine as the tomb of Ryoshun, re-discovering it to Rokugan. Hira shortly after proved to be enlightened and became the Keeper of Void. [2]

Destroyed and Rebuilt Edit

In 1170 the Army of Fire, minions of Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire, invaded the Badger lands and destroyed the shrine in the opening phase of the War of Dark Fire. Only left a piece of the center column, on which the sacred invocation of the Kami Ryoshun was inscribed. [5] Years later, after the Destroyer War, the Badger built a new shrine around the original site, [6] along with a small fortress to watch over the place. [7]


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