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Rusty Priske is a former member of the Legend of the Five Rings Story Team.

About Rusty[]

Rusty's Avatar

  • Name: Russell 'Rusty' Priske
  • Age: 42
  • Position: Legend of the Five Rings Story Team Flunky


When I moved to Ottawa in Nov. '98, I decided to try and find a gaming group. It had been years since I gamed seriously but I thought it would be a good way to meet people in my new town. I went searching for interesting RPG groups and thought I found one in an on-line listing. I learned about the L5R RPG and contacted Colin O'Shaughnessy who informed me that the listing was mistaken and that they were actually Clan War players. I came down to the local game shop (Fandom II) and started playing Clan War (the L5R-based miniatures game). While reading more about Clan War, I discovered the CCG, which everyone in my Clan War group had previously played but had given up. I convinced them to give it another shot and we cultivated an active tournament scene here in Ottawa.

Then, while L5R was on its temporary hiatus, Ree Soesbee (the previous head writer on L5R) posted a call for submissions on the L5R list serve. I wrote something up, sent it in, and was chosen by Ree to join the inaugural Story Team for Warlord.

I worked on Warlord for five years, and was the last original member of the team, when the opportunity came to switch over to Legend of the Five Rings. As much as I enjoyed writing for Warlord, L5R was what got me into the genre in the first place, so I jumped at the chance. ([1])


I write. A lot. Not as much as Shawn, certainly, but I still write a lot. Good thing I enjoy it.([2])

Favorite Fiction[]

Mine? Kani no Nageki (the Crab statue story from Scenes of the Empire). Either that or the Tomorrow Herald fiction where I got to wrap up the main Ratling story or the Brothers Umbala Saga from Warlord. My favourite from someone else is The Last Rememberer by Rich Wulf. (What can I say? I like the Ratlings.)([3])



  • Fictions: 33
  • Abbreviated Fictions: 2 / 33
  • Kills: 8
  • Unnamed Kills: 102
  • Total kills: 110
  • Named kills per fiction: 8/1 = 800%
  • Most written for faction: n/a
  • Least written for faction: n/a

On Screen Kills[]

Off Screen Kills[]

Unnamed Kills[]

Factions Written for[]

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Shawn Carman
L5R Writer
2006 - Present
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