Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Al-Hazaad
Unnamed Kolat Master 
Titles: Master Roc

Ruqayah of the Houses of Dahab was the half-rokugani master of the Roc Sect of the Kolat and the Qolat organization. She was the daughter of the former Qolat Master al-Hazaad and another former Kolat Master (either Kaouta, Chinoko or Ikoma Soko).

Appearance Edit

Ruqayah was a small, slim woman, dressed in a man's loose black trousers and jacket. [1]

Qolat Edit

She was living outside the borders of Rokugan, and was the only Master to do so. She had not seen the Hidden Temple in years. She communicated with the other Master through an Oni's Tear.

As Master Roc, her identity was known by Master Cloud (Isawa Korekado), Master Jade (Yasuki Taka) (who both knew her as a child) and Master Tiger. She knew the identity of Master Steel (Morito) and Master Cloud (Isawa Korekado). [2]

Control of the conspiracy Edit

Ruqayah fought with Haroun, Blood Red Tiger Master and Old Man of the Mountain, for the control of the Qolat conspiracy. The third Qolat Master, Eda Ishan, Merchant King of the Houses of Dahab, also worked agains Haroun. [3]

House Hazaad Edit

Haroun managed to create an scandal that obliged Ruqayah to step down from all her public posts, and passed the House Hazaad control to her cousin Ibtisam al-Hazaad. She could not get the control of the Houses of Dahab, but endured in her opposition against Haroun for the Qolat control. [4]

Alliance with Daigotsu Edit

Daigotsu, who was exiled after his defeat against Iuchiban, came to see Ruqayah. The Dark Lord and the Qolat agreed in the proposal made, an alliance against the Bloodspeaker, the Kolat would reveal all they knew about bloodspeaker's cells to Daigotsu, who had the strength to act, and the secrecy of the Kolat would not be compromised. Ikoma Tsai, the corrupted Kolat Master, was chosen as the liaison for the new alliance. [1]

Destruction of the Hidden Temple Edit

In 1170 the Hidden Temple was assaulted and destroyed by Scorpion forces during a meeting of the Ten Kolat Masters. Several Kolat Masters died there, [5] but it was not known the fate of Master Roc. In the late 12th century a new Master Roc was chosen. [6]

Preceded by:
Master Roc
? - (c. 1170)
Succeeded by:


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