Rokugan (RPG)

Rokugan Cover

Rokugan was the first source book for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game in the Oriental Adventures series.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Rich Wulf, Shawn Carman and Seth Mason
  • Editor by: D.J. Trindle
  • Additional Editing by: Kevin Millard, jim pinto, David Williams, Erik Yaple
  • Creative Director: Mark Jelfo
  • Art Director: jim pinto
  • Graphic Designer: Steve Hough
  • Cover Artist: beet
  • Interior Artists: Cris Dornaus, Carl Frank, William O'Connor, Ben Peck, Luis Vazquez
  • Cartographer: Robert Lee
  • Indexer: Janice Sellers
  • Typesetters: Brendon Goodyear
  • Business Manager: Maureen Yates
  • Brand Manager: Raymond Lau
  • Production Manager: Mary Valles

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 4)Edit

Chapter 1: Character (page 5)Edit

Tamori Alchemist

Dragon Clan Shugenja

Shinjo Scout 3

Shinjo Explorer

Chapter 2: Magic in Rokugan (page 84)Edit

Chapter 3: Life in Rokugan (page 115)Edit

Chapter 4: Geography (page 139)Edit

Tamori Shaitung 3

Tamori Shaitung

Ghedai 2


Chapter 5: Deities and Cosmology (page 173)Edit

Kenshinzen 3


Chapter 6: History of Rokugan (page 181)Edit

Chapter 7: Organizations (page 199)Edit



Appendix (page 204)Edit

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