Robes of Shinsei 
Robes of Shinsei
Created by: Kenku
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Robes of Shinsei were worn by Shinsei during his first meeting with Hantei.

Origin Edit

During his travels across what would one day be called the Plains Above Evil, Shinsei took refuge within a secluded cave, where he found the ruins of an ancient temple, of the time when the Five Races dominated the mortal realm. There, he learned about the Day of Thunder, and the impending threat of Fu Leng. Shinsei returned to Empire, wearing a robe he had found in the cave, thrown over his shoulders to warm himself after the rain. [1]

Hantei Edit

It was the cloak that the little traveler bore that truly gained the Emperor's attention. Just as the Imperial Guard prepared to turn Shinsei away, Hantei noticed the black crow emblazoned upon his back, symbol of the ancient kenku. Even the Kami respected the kenku's wisdom, thus Hantei offered Shinsei an opportunity to speak his piece. [1]

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