Robert Denton III was writer on the Legend of the Five Rings Story Team under AEG and he continued his work in the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, published by Fantasy Flight Games. His first fiction was Risen from the Flames. [1]

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Robert Denton III lives in the New River Valley of Virginia with his wife and three cats. He is the author of over sixty short fictions for the Legend of the Five Rings universe and has contributed to several roleplaying books for the fourth edition. [1]

  • Name: Robert Denton III
  • Nickname: SpookyElectric [2]
  • Position: Writer for the Legend of the Five Rings Brand
  • Facebook: Robert Denton (Bobby Denton)
  • Twitter: @ohnospooky [3]

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  1. The Sword and the Spirits, by Robert Denton III

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