The Questioners [1] was a sub-sect of the Shintao sect of Shinseism.

Founding Edit

Started by Nonin, one of Shinsei's first followers, the Questioners believed the physical world was an illusion, an illusion that could be dispelled through the proper challenging of perception. They considered the creation of new koan as a sacred art. The Questioners believed in questioning all things, to frame perceptions. They had even been known to doubt the entire Celestial Order itself, since it could be an illusion as well. [2]

Beliefs Edit

Expanding upon Shintao's general rejection of teaching from the Shinsei Sutra, Rinzai focused almost exclusively on teaching through the use of koan. [3] Its members advocated the shattering of preconceptions through unexpected actions and questions. [1] They also believed that the Tao was the beginning of wisdom and not the end, and thus sought out new experiences to broaden their own perceptions. [4]

Questioners looked beyond the illusions of the material and were even more ascetic than most monks, lacking any formal monasteries of their own. They tended to be good-humoured and mischievous, as their willingness to shatter the preconceptions of others often led to good-natured pranks. [5]

Orders belonging to this sect sought a vigorous engagement with the people of Rokugan, and they saw the need to spread Enlightenment to others. They were skilled teachers and renowned for conveying Shinsei's wisdom in stories and fables. [6]


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