Right Hand of the Emperor

Right Hand of the Emperor

The Right Hand of the Emperor was the official title of a Great Clan, with the duties of serving at the Emperor's army and enforcers. In times of strife, it was the Right Hand that brought about peace through force of arms. In times of invasion by foreign powers, it was the Right Hand that defended Rokugani borders. Traditionally this had been the role of the Lion Clan, the Imperial Legions, and the Seppun Imperial Guard. [1]

Imperial Legions Edit

The Right Hand might take command of the Legions when the Emerald Champion's other duties demanded his attention. [2]

Hantei XVI Edit

When in 595 [3] Hida Tsuneo became the Crab Clan Champion after the death of his father, the Emperor Hantei XVI appointed him as the Right Hand of the Emperor in place of the Lion Clan. [4]

The Second Imperial Edict Edit

In 1132 after Toturi was rescued and came back to Otosan Uchi, he enacted three edicts, being the second the step down of the Lion as the Right Hand of the Emperor, and the Unicorn Clan would take this role instead. [5] After the end of the War Against Shadow, the Khan Moto Gaheris surrendered the title back to the Lion Clan. [6]

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