Rich Wulf was the lead writer on the Legend of the Five Rings Story Team. He has also worked on several of the RPG books.

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Statistics Edit

  • Fictions: 25 (does not include all his fictions)
  • Abbreviated Fictions: 25 / 27
  • Kills: 28
  • Unnamed Kills: 85
  • Total kills: 113
  • Kills per fiction: 28/25 = 112%
  • Most written for faction: Dragon Clan (8)
  • Least written for faction: Phoenix Clan (0)

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Preceded by:
L5R Writer
? - 2001
Succeeded by:
Shawn Carman
Preceded by:
Head L5R Writer
2001 - 2005
Succeeded by:
Shawn Carman

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