Rice Paddy

a Rice Paddy

Rice was the most common food source in Rokugan. They were measured in bushels, and approximately five bushels were considered enough to feed a man for a year. The Rokugani economic system was based on this principle, one koku coin being worth five bushels of rice. [1]

Work Edit

Rice Farmer

Rice Farmer

Rice cultivation was labor-intensive and remained a task that could not be accomplished easily. As a result, families pooled their labor in order to meet the demands of the samurai caste. Most families shared their water resources and irrigation facilities, which required that water run downhill. [2]

Folk Edit

Yoritomo sailors believed that rice tossed into the ocean helped ward off dark forces that prowled the seas. [3]

Rice for Sake Edit

The rice used for making sake was not suitable for eating, for it was larger and coarser than edible rice. The best sake used only the starchy core of the rice, thus, every grain must be milled or polished to remove the exterior, which was filled with impurities. [4]

Types of Rice Edit




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