Rakugoka were the professional storytellers of Rokugan. They used their vioce and facial expressions with expansive gestures. The storyteller would often act out the story with only a fan as their prop. Charades were also commonplace, such as pouring imaginary tea into an imaginary teacup. The excitement of watching a storyteller lied in the portrayal of characters and episodes, and the emotion the teller provoked. Storytellers were also often requested to teach the children of nobles of myths and legends of Rokugan, as well as the Tao of Shinsei. [1]

Storytellers and Chanters Edit

Storytelling was extremely popular in Rokugan, and there were two basic kinds of performers, storytellers and chanters. Chanters differed from storytellers by their highly distinctive and stylized manner of recitation, accompanied by music. The biwa was the traditional instrument of a chanter, though chanters associated with puppet theater usually use a samisen instead. [2]


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