Raikuto family 
Patron family: Hiruma family 
Clan: Crab Clan 
Founded: 1st century [1] 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Raikuto family was a vassal family in service to the Hiruma family of the Crab Clan.

Founding Edit

The aged courtier Hiruma Saitsune had never failed to protect the Crab Clan from the machinations of the other clans as ambassador at Otosan Uchi, during the rule of the 4th Hiruma Daimyo. When she died of old age, Saitsune was posthumously declared the first daimyo of the Raikuto vassal family. Many of those who served as her agents and spies within the Imperial City swore their service to her son. They held an estate within the walls of Otosan Uchi. [2] The family was named after her son and heir, Hiruma Raikuto. [1]

Yasuki Vassals Edit

When the Hiruma lost their lands the Yasuki took the family under their care. As the Yasuki had become the public face of the Crab, the transition was smooth. [2] Raikuto most frequently joined the Yasuki Merchant school. [3]

Returning to the Hiruma Edit

After the Crab reclaimed Shiro Hiruma, the vassal family accepted Hiruma Zunguri's offer of fealty. In 1159 they lost their ancestral home during the Fall of Otosan Uchi and the Raikuto lived off the favors of their hosts since. [2] They eventually homed at the new Imperial City Toshi Ranbo, beside the Yasuki building. [4]

Raikuto Daimyo Edit

Hiruma Saitsune 1st century (posthumously declared the first daimyo)
Hiruma Raikuto 1st century - ?

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