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Seed of Qanon

Seed of Qanon

The Qanon were jinn who impersonated humans.

Day of Wrath Edit

After the Day of Wrath many jinn were killed, and the rest were convinced by the Ashalan to escape to the Blighted Realms or to hide themselves inside humans. The Ashalan knew that these jinn of the Qanon would be instrumental to defeat the Jinn Lord Kaleel when he returned to the Burning Sands. [1]

Forgetting Edit

A wise man by the name Qanon, developed a spell that allowed the caster to create a supernatural bond between the caster and a target, sharing their strengths as well as weaknesses. It was known as the Seed of Qanon, [2] allowing the jinn to melt themselves within the human vessel. In three generations the human guise had overcome them, they had forgotten their true and divine nature. [1]

The Prophecy Edit

Tomb of the Goddess Edit

The Ashalan worked to bring about a prophecy that would release a Goddess. In 332 they built a crystal tomb for the Goddess Shinjo in the City of the Seventh Star. When the time would come, the Awakening would free her, and the magical enchantments of the Tomb would release the jinn of the Qanon from their human hosts. [3]

The Awakening Edit

After the Awakening and the destruction of the Ebon Stone Kaleel and his legion roamed again over the Burning Sands. The Qanon had been released from their human bodies, but the appeared jinn did not remember anything of the past, making them less useful than the Ashalan expected. Anyhow they confronted the Jinn Lord joining the Celestial Alliance. [4] Several of the vessels realized their true nature and knew that they would sacrifice their lifes for the ultimate power. [5] The human hosts died in the process. [6]

Banished Edit

Kaleel was consumed by the Khayel, known as the Lying Darkness by the Rokugani. When this slip of Nothing was sent to the stars, a place where he could not harm anybody. The members of the Alliance followed him, and faded. They were killed in the ensuing fight or banished into the Nothing. [7]

Known Jinn of the Qanon Edit

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