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The Progeny of the Destroyer were the children of Kali-Ma, the female avatar of the goddess Shiva the Destroyer. The creation of these entities was taxing for Kali-ma, and in the 12th century only two of such entities were known to have existed. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor[edit | edit source]

The progeny had an appearance very similar to that of their mother: six-armed, clawed women with immense teeth and a monstrous visage. They were feral and highly dangerous, they would feed on humans, would torture for fun, and thrived in the atmosphere of fear that they illicited. They viewed all humans, and most other races, as merely prey. [2] They used to appear as young beautiful women, but it was an illusion. [1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The progeny were formed by pure evil, they could see in the dark, and had magical abilities. It seemed they devoured humans to quench their hungry. [3]

Cult of Ruhmal[edit | edit source]

Blood of the Preserver

They used to cooperate with the Cult of Ruhmal, worshippers of their mother. [2]

Known progeny[edit | edit source]

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