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Nominated articles

Selected articles

February 2007

Otosan Uchi

Otosan Uchi, the city of the Emperor and the Imperial Capital, was the seat of power of Rokugan, the home of the Emperor and the Imperial Court from the dawn of the empire for over a thousand years. Over those thousand years the city saw many invasions and conflicts. Most notable of these are the Battle of White Stag, the Scorpion Clan Coup, the Second Day of Thunder and Daigotsu's invasion of the city.

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January 2007

Toturi I

Akodo Toturi was the Lion Clan Champion before the Scorpion Coup. In response to his actions following the assassination of Hantei XXXVIII he was cast out by Hantei XXXIX. He became the ronin Toturi the Black. When the emperor was consumed by Fu Leng, Toturi and the other Clan Thunders battled him. With the Hantei family extinct, Toturi was crowned Emperor Toturi I.

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December 2006


The First Hantei was the first Emperor of Rokugan, being winner of the Tournament of the Kami, and his reign lasted until the end of the War Against Fu Leng. Hantei was born to Amaterasu and Onnotangu in Tengoku. After his birth, his father became jealous of the attention his mother paid to their children and fearful that they would usurp him, leading to the struggle between Hantei and Onnotangu and the Fall of the Kami.

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