Pokau (S1)

The small village of Pokau (S1) was completely unremarkable until the Unicorn Clan returned to Rokugan. When the Unicorn settled the village became the closest Scorpion holding along conventional travel routes to Unicorn lands. Since then the village had become a city, teeming with merchants and travellers throughout the year. Since the creation of Seikitsu Pass the city's importance had only increased, both as a trade hub and as a military outpost. [1] From there the Scorpion Clan funneled its new opium smuggling network. [2]

Location Edit

Located on the Kinbou province's west end, which was visited by merchants to buy supplies or the local bar for sake. It was the swiftest and most efficient waypoint for travelers from the southern provinces to reach Shiro Iuchi, initially through mountain passes suitable for small caravans, and after the creation of the Seikitsu Pass the village expanded to a village. The Pokau Trading Grounds became both a bazaar and a merchants' quarter.[3]

Shadowed Tower Edit

The village was a stronghold of the Shadowed Tower, a secretive Scorpion separatist organization. Bayushi Atsuki, the leader of the tower, was suposed killed there. [4]


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