Poison was a tool often used to severely weaken or kill a person. The Scorpion Clan were infamous for using poisons although, much like ninja, there was very rarely any proof.

Historic Uses of Poison Edit

The following were some of the most notable uses of poison throughout history.

Agasha Kitsuki Edit

In 829, Agasha Kitsuki, the founder of the Kitsuki family died after having touched poisoned documents he obtained from Bayushi Shiko. [1]

Akodo Toturi Edit

In 1123, just prior to the Scorpion Coup, the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toturi was poisoned by the geisha Hatsuko. She had been instructed to do so by Bayushi Kachiko, but only used half the dosage and Toturi survived. [2]

Emperor Hantei XXXVIII Edit

Emperor Hantei XXXVIII was poisoned by Bayushi Shoju at the start of the Scorpion Coup, moments before he killed him. The Imperial Taster, Bayushi Togai, had been maneuvered into place to survive the poison first, to prevent alerting anyone to the coup. [3]

Emperor Hantei XXXIX Edit

The Emperor Hantei XXXIX was continuously poisoned by his wife Bayushi Kachiko during the Clan War, in revenge for the fate of Bayushi Shoju and the Scorpion Clan. The Imperial Doctor put the Emperor's declining health down to the plague. [4]

Notable Poisons Edit

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