Plum tree

Plum tree

Plum trees were drupe fruit trees which could be found in the southern woodlands of Rokugan. [1] Plum trees, which bloomed several weeks ahead of the cherry blossom, were the earliest sign that spring was on its way. Their blossoms ranged from white to dark pink, and had a much stronger fragrance than cherry blossom. [2] The fruit was edible, and it could be used to brew a brandy. [3]

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The plum blossom, one of Winter's Three Companions, was called this because it was capable of surviving through the winter. The plum blossom was also holy to the Dragon Clan because it was said to have been the first thing the Kami Togashi ate after his ten-day fast after a nightingale brought one to him. The plum was used in many dishes and also for medicinal purposes. [4] Plum trees were the first to bloom in spring, and therefore represented new hope. [5]

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