Plain of Glass

The Plain of Glass

The Plain of Glass, also known as the 'Empty Plains', was the name given to the region of the Colonies that separated it from the vast northern wasteland. It made up the northwestern region of the Colonies and existed in a narrow strip. It was largely devoid of features and was prone to extreme weather, including deadly dust storms from the north and frequent, extreme thunderstorms. [1] The storms from the north were dust storms, and the much more frequent storms from the west were intense thunderstorms. The Empty Plains bordered the Unknown Lands and the Frontier to the south, while its westernmost edge touched New Rokugan. [2] The ground was made of a strange, smooth stone. [3]

Spider holding Edit

The Spider Clan claimed the plains as their holding [4] and in 1185 they build a fortress there, the first Spider stronghold in the Colonies. [3]

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