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A Pirate was one who robbed or plundered at sea without a commission from a recognised sovereign nation. Pirates usually targeted other ships, but had been known to attack targets on shore. These acts were known as piracy.

Mantis Clan Edit

Pirates were somewhat common along the Rokugani coast, especially in the lucrative Crane and Mantis shipping lanes. Most pirates tended to be simply gangs of ronin with seafaring experience who had turned to raiding coastal towns and cities, or they tended to be bands of disgruntled or desperate peasants. The clans themselves, however, did play an active role in Rokugani piracy. Some accused the Mantis Clan of wholesale piracy because of the methods they employed to secure their waters, but as their raiders were commissioned by the clan, and therefore indirectly by the Emperor, they would technically be considered privateers. [1]

Other Clans Edit

Despite the accusations against the Mantis, such institutional piracy was a common enough practice amongst the coastal clans, many of whom felt no qualms about attacking ships of their rivals to enrich their clan at the expense of their enemies. While this practice was not necessarily a regular occurrence, each coastal clan had sufficient numbers of men and women willing to disguise themselves as ronin and raid their rivals' shipping for the good of their clan. This practice survived largely due to a simple lack of interest from coastal lords and their daimyo about where sudden unexpected profits came from. The Yasuki, Daidoji, and Shiba families all tended to provide this duty for their respective clans. [1] Wako were a group of ronin pirates that plagued Crane and Phoenix coasts. [2]

Sand Pirates Edit

In the Burning Sands between the sand pirates there were who used Sand ships moved over the desert with the aid of the wind. [3]

Known Pirates Edit

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