The Phoenix Clan was one of the seven Great Clans, founded by the Kami Shiba. [2] They were masters of magic in Rokugan, but they were also staunch pacifists with little interest in warfare. [3] The Phoenix had extensive numbers of shugenja and a Council of Elemental Masters, [4] who were the leaders of the Clan. [5]

Phoenix Clan Edit

Families of the Phoenix Clan Edit

The Phoenix consisted of four families, the Kaito, the Asako, the Isawa - their leaders, and the Shiba family, among who was selected the Phoenix Clan Champion, [5] the protector of the Clan. [2] In 1123 the Kaito family was elevated to full Phoenix family status. [6]

Duty Edit

The Phoenix was the most mystical Great Clan, the keepers of the Tao of Shinsei and caretakers of the Empire's soul. The clan's members tended to the spirits of the land and served their lords as priests and spiritual advisors. The Phoenix maintained shrines throughout the Empire, taught the mysteries of the Tao, and preserved the harmony between mortals and gods. [5]

Military Edit

Peace was the way of the Phoenix, not war. When they were forced into total war, the Phoenix Champion assumed a voice equal to the entire Council of Five, with the champion and the Elemental Guard personally taking the field for important engagements. It was customary for every Phoenix to pray for forgiveness prior to a battle. [7]

Notable Holdings Edit

Lands of the Phoenix Clan (TCG)

Lands of the Phoenix Clan

History Edit

Tribe of Isawa Edit

The fledging Empire founded by the Kami was assaulted by a dark army from the place which would be known as the Shadowlands, led by the fallen Kami Fu Leng. [8] Shiba and the Little Teacher, Shinsei, entreated the priest Isawa and his tribe to join them in fighting the forces of the Shadowlands. Shiba established its deferential traditions in which warriors and priests could exist side by side. [5] Shiba's oath was known as the Promise. [9]

Alliances Edit

Shiba married Tsumaru, a ningyo princess. Their marriage briefly united the undersea kingdom of the Ningyo with the fleging Shiba family. The Crane Clan were their long-standing Rokugani allies. [10]

Schools Edit

The following were the schools within the Phoenix Clan:

Phoenix Clan Champion Edit

The Phoenix Clan Champion was the leader of the Shiba family. The Phoenix Champion was chosen not through birthright, [5] but by Ofushikai, in a special ceremony presided by the Elemental Masters. The souls of the past Champions stood at his side, offering advice to the new Champion. A shrine was built to honor every dead Phoenix Champion. [2] The following are the known Champions of the Phoenix Clan:

Shiba 5 - 42
Shiba Ujimitsu  ? - 1123
Shiba Tsukune 1123 - Present

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