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A Pennaggolan

Pennaggolan were vampiric floating heads with trails of dismembered, pulsing organs. Most Pennaggolan appeared as female. [1]


A male Pennaggolan

A pennaggolan’s true nature becomes apparent at night, when it went forth to feed. [2] They could hide their organs within dead human bodies, but they spent much of their time in their natural form waiting for victims. They attacked with amazing speed and strangled their victims to death with their entrails before devouring their blood. They were second only to a Bog Hag in their ability to infiltrate Rokugan because of their ability to live in dead bodies. [3] If a Pennaggolan's body was destroyed while its head was elsewhere, then its essence was severed, and it would weaken and die. [4]

Vinegar jars[]

After drinking, their entrails were engorged with blood, and it took several days for them to squeeze back into their human shells. Soaking the entrails in vine­gar speeded the process up, and smarter Pennaggolan would maintain secret locations well-stocked with vinegar jars. [4]

Creating New Pennaggolan[]

When a pennaggolan chose to create more of their own kind, they drained the blood from a living victim, and then hid the body. Three days later, the corpse rose from the dead as a new pennaggolan, retaining the memories but animated by a malignant spirit from Jigoku. [5]

Jade Immunity[]

While in human form a Pennaggolan was immune to the effects of jade. [6]

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A Pennaggolan

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