Otomo Tohojatsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Hantei Fujiwa 
Titles: Imperial Regent

Otomo Tohojatsu was the uncle of Hantei Fujiwa. After the kidnapping of Hantei Kusada by the Gozoku and the death of Hantei Fujiwa, Tohojatsu acted as regent until Kusada was old enough to assume the throne. In his time as regent, Tohojatsu granted the Gozoku so much power that when Kusada took the throne he was nothing more than a figurehead. [1] Tohojatsu willingly had accepted his role as the Gozoku’s puppet in order to gain wealth and comfort and see his name in the Imperial histories. [2]


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Preceded by:
Hantei Fujiwa
Imperial Regent
391 - 397
Succeeded by:
Hantei Kusada

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