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Otomo Reju 
Born: 383 
Died: 457

Otomo Reju was a loyal courtier who became one of the original gozoku during the reign of Hantei Fujiwa. The Reju vassal family of the Otomo were named after him. [1]

Gozoku Edit

Improving Empire's Life Edit

Though Reju was closely related to the Emperor, he felt the gozoku held the interests of the people of Rokugan closer to heart. Reju was a stern believer the study of the Tao of Shinsei would improve the morality of the people. He established several colleges in the Hub Villages, including the House of Shining Light. Reju wrote long discourses about the morality in the life of a samurai. His many critics considered him arrogant, pretentious, and impractical. [2]

Breaking Ties Edit

When the gozoku began their feud with the Brotherhood of Shinsei, Reju condemned the triad and withdrew his considerable financial support. After the gozoku fell, Reju was forced to left the Imperial Court, rebuked by the new Empress Hantei Yugozohime. [2]

Exiled Edit

Reju lived out his latter days in exile at the edge of Badger Clan territory. [2]


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