Otaku Seido

Otaku Seido (U15)

Otaku Seido (U15) in the Isei province, [1] was a shrine dedicated to Otaku, the first Thunder of the Ki-Rin Clan.

Devotion Edit

Easily the most sacred ground in Utaku lands, Otaku Seido was the centre of the Shiotome'spiritual strength. the land was sacrosanct and none were allowed to bear weapons once they set foot upon the holy ground. Even the Otaku Daimyo and the Unicorn Clan Champion were expected to set their weapons aside when visiting the shrine. [2]

Thunder Shrine Edit

The shrine's inner chambers were forbidden to any but Utaku women. The most central room was dedicated to the Unicorn Thunders, Otaku and Otaku Kamoko. The entire area radiated a supernatural calm and only the most honored Utaku were allowed to set foot in the Thunder Shrine. The shrine also houses Otaku's sword, the helm and the daikyu of Otaku Kamoko. [2]

Shiotome Gempukku Edit

It was a necessary pilgrimage for any young Utaku maiden on the verge of becoming a Shiotome. Young Utaku girls were not allowed to pass their gempukku until they had spent a night in this shrine, communing with their ancestors and seeking their guidance. The shrine maintained the Otaku name, rather than dishonoring the original Otaku by changing it. [3] The Dragon of Water would sometimes visit the dreams of Utaku samurai-to-be before their gempukku as they meditated at the shrine, granting them his heavenly blessings. [2]

Utaku Shiko Edit

In the 12th century the shrine became the home of Utaku Shiko, a spirit who returned through Oblivion's Gate. She realized that her time in this world is long since over, and stopped seeking to lead the Battle Maidens. She maintained the shrine, and offered advice to the next generations. [4]

Notable Locations Edit


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