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Orochi were monstrous sea serpents originally from Sakkaku, the realm of trickster spirits. [1]

Appearance Edit

Orochi were massive sea serpents with shimmering green scales. Their huge eyes seemed golden in the sunlight and jet black in artificial illumination. They were surprisingly intelligent and social creatures considering their size, but notably lacking in a sense of humor. Orochi might speak the languages of ningyo and trolls. [2]

Sakkaku Edit

Orochi 3


While the Orochi sought little more than contemplation, their fellow inhabitants the malicious mujina, took endless glee in disturbing them with capricious practical jokes. When Ningen-do was created, the Orochi waited for a long time, expecting it was another Mujina trick. They observed the Ningyo race, watching how the City of Night fell and the Ningyo were devolved to a feral state. As the mortal world fell into ruin and the scattered survivors began to hunt the Ningyo for their immortality, the Orochi determined the time had come to act. [3]

Ryujin Edit

Orochi leader Ryujin made a deal with the Ningyo, [4] invoking his vengeance upon any who harmed his people. Orochi kept any ship they sunk, along with the souls of those aboard them. they made massive ship graveyards, haunted by the spirits of wicked sailors. [5]

Alliance with the Ningyo Edit

The humorless orochi had grown tired of the endless pranks and nonsense of their brethren, and wished for safe haven in the Mortal Realm. The ningyo agreed to let the orochi share their cities, and in return the orochi promised to always protect the ningyo from harm. [6] In this way the more powerful orochi found a way to escape into the mortal realm. They were massive leviathans that guarded the ningyo cities well. [4]

Borders Sealed Edit

The Mujina had also observed Orochi's interest for Ningen-do, and realized their favorite victims were planning an escape. The tricksters used their magic to seal the borders between Ningen-do and Sakkaku. Only Ryujin and a handful of his fellow Orochi escaped. The rest were left behind to languish in the Realm of Tricksters. [7]

Alliance with the Mantis Clan Edit

Crossing the Borders Again Edit

One of the orochi which remained trapped in Sakkaku, Tsurayuki, eventually came into contact with two Mantis Clan samurai trapped in the Realm of Tricksters, Tsuruchi Ki and Moshi Minami. The Orochi made a pact with them, where in exchange for binding the Orochi's spirit with the souls of worthy Mantis samurai the Orochi would lend their strength when the Mantis needed it, and allowed them to return to Ningen-do. [8] They were used by the Mantis Clan in the War of Fire and Thunder. [9]

Side effects Edit

Minami no longer was able to speak with the kami, and the Mantis shugenja refined Minami's spell and made it safe for further experimentation. On it worked Yoritomo Kaigen [10] and the master summoner Komori, Lord of the Bat Clan. [4]

The Nezumi Edit

Orochi and the Mantis

Orochi and the Mantis

The nezumi discovered the relationship between the orochi and the Mantis, but they did not trust the sea creatures for unknown reasons. [11]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

The orochi Storm Riders gave the Mantis supremacy over the Phoenix near the coastline in the War of Fire and Thunder. In 1167 the Master sensei of the Storm Riders noticed the marine serpents were moving sluggishly. He feared that it might be a result of the colder weather, which the serpents might not have experienced in their home realm. [12]

End of the Orochi Alliance Edit

Several months after the end of the war, it was found that the first among the orochi to join the Mantis, Tsurayuki, was almost at the end of its term of servitude. Upon fulfilling its debt, Tsurayuki turned upon the Mantis vessels it had accompanied, destroying six and killing over a hundred men in the process. Moshi Sayoko allowed the orochi to have freedom to roam the seas. [13] The Orochi Riders fallen out of favor for that drewback. [14]

Wild Orochi Edit

In 1172 a portal to Sakkaku was opened during the Destroyer War. The Orochi which appeared from it were destroyed by Mantis and Dragon forces, but a few escaped into the sea. [15] More Orochi attacking ships were seen in 1198, during the War of Serpents. In this time the raiders were the Dark Naga. [16]

Ivory Kingdoms Edit

During the Age of Exploration were discovered a strange breed of orochi that lived in the coastal waters and in some parts of the deep jungle rivers. [17]

Known Orochi Edit

Orochi 2

An Orochi

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