Oracle of Thunder

Oracle of Thunder

The Oracle of Thunder was the representative of the Dragon of Thunder in Rokugan, and over the years was many different people.

Tonbo Toryu Edit

Tonbo Toryu was the Oracle of Thunder until Isawa Kaede disrupted the Celestial Balance and he was forced to become the Dark Oracle of Void to regain the balance. [1]

Togashi Mitsu Edit


Togashi Mitsu

The position of Oracle of Thunder stood vacant for many years [1] until it was filled by a hero from the Clan War, Togashi Mitsu. In 1167 he was presented at the Imperial Court in Toshi Ranbo. [2] He resided in a temple in the Crane lands, spending his time in meditation. [3]

Known Oracle of Thunder Edit

Tonbo Toryu 1133 - 1159
Togashi Mitsu  ? - Present

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